• In Late 2012, we were on a mission to provide you with a low-cost home improvement solution.

    What started in 2012 as a niche home company, founded and operated by a 22-year-old, is now a larger team of designers, developers, and marketing ROKstars catering to DIY-ers, contractors, cabinet shops, and woodworkers.

  • A Single Product Launched our Company.

    From humble beginnings of selling a handful of soft-closing cabinet products, we are proud to now offer a wide range of home improvement products, both decorative and functional. That's why we created ROK Hardware: to bring high-quality specialty hardware to your doorstep. Did we mention the prices? Oh, you’re going to love these prices...

  • Four years and over 100,000 happy customers; we haven’t looked back since.

    We are extremely grateful for our loyal and new customers that helped us get where we are today. Our company has grown beyond our greatest expectations in such a short amount of time. ROK Hardware is happy to offer a pick-up hub in Irvine for our local customers.

Our Mission

No need to search for hours, days, or weeks; ROK Hardware provides shoppers with the hottest home improvement hardware on the market at unbelievable prices. At ROK Hardware, we have big ambitions: to become the ultimate e-commerce company offering customers a wide variety of the highest quality home hardware products, with a fast turnaround time, outstanding customer service, and the convenience of ordering online for the lowest prices possible every time.

Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff support our customers through education and problem-solving. Our dedicated staff will go the extra mile for customer requests. We will always do our best to obtain items requested by our customers. Our management is dedicated to providing our staff with the education, tools, and resources needed to provide exceptional customer service, which will always be reflected in our reviews.

Meet the team

  • Sean Founder & CEO

    Sean was 8 years old when he started his first "company", formally auctioning off Pokemon cards to his neighbors. With an initial profit of $300, he had officially been bitten by the business owner bug; destined to create capitalist ventures that would drive him both personally and professionally for life.

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  • Nathalie CO-Founder & COO

    Nathalie has been behind the scenes since 2012 when ROK, Inc.’s very first niche website was created, SoftClose.com. While teaching kindergarten full-time, she assisted with the creative aspects of the business. Her design eye has been a great asset to ROK Hardware in creating and designing content for our website and marketing campaigns.

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  • Sarah Inventory/Logistics Specialist

    As the first non-family employee of ROKHardware.com, Sarah had the opportunity to watch ROK Hardware move from a small home-based family business into a warehouse. Sarah spends most of her time in the warehouse, ensuring that inventory is picked, packaged, and shipped correctly to our fulfillment centers and customers. With an interior design background, we are fortunate to have her on our team as ROK Hardware expands into kitchen and bath design.

  • Carlos Senior Graphic Designer

    Carlos lives and breathes design. He has had a passion for drawing and creating art since childhood. Carlos worked with HP for many years as their lead graphic designer and computer technician. He has been with us since 2012 and we are very fortunate to have him. He brings a high level of both design and illustration talent to ROK Hardware.

  • Rupesh Senior Web Deveolper

    Rupesh is responsible for the website infrastructure engineering, information security, and development of ROKHardware.com. He continues to maintain and improve it on a day-to-day basis. In addition to this, Rupesh has built many features that are being used throughout our website.

  • Tony Sales Director

    When ROK Hardware said they needed a few more gray hairs in the company, Tony was the obvious choice. With over two decades of sales and kitchen cabinet design experience, he added great value to our growing company! He is directly responsible for growing our sales locally. Tony also assists in our day-to-day tasks by overseeing online sales and occasionally getting his hands dirty in the shipping department.

  • Tonya Administrative Specialist

    Tonya has three decades of administrative experience and it helps that she’s an accomplished expert organizer and multi-tasker with superb attention to detail. She assists when needed with all facets of company-wide operations, including research and education in Cal/OSHA and Workers' Compensation compliance, state labor laws, and setting up our Human Resources department. Her skills and experience are an asset and make her versatile in many areas.

  • Mayra Picking/Shipping Clerk

    Mayra has many years working for large companies in various warehouse positions. She works well under pressure and always displays a can-do/team player attitude. She loves to be challenged and constantly looks for ways to improve procedures, ensuring that her daily tasks are of a "lean" philosophy. Mayra’s fast, accurate and is the one who picks, and ships orders fulfilled by Rok Hardware.

  • Kevin eCommerce Marketplace Assistant

    Kevin previously worked for an eCommerce company researching and listing products in various online marketplaces. He enjoys start-up environments, where he is able to have a larger impact on the company’s growth. We are eager to have him as a part of our team. His enthusiasm is contagious. He thrives off of learning new skills and is constantly looking for ways to improve product listings. He responsible for product photos and creating informative, keyword-friendly online listings.

  • Phil Shipping/Receiving Specialist

    Phil is a well-rounded team player who wears multiple hats. He is fast, accurate, hardworking, has impeccable work ethic with a drive for success. He is responsible for verifying accuracy with incoming shipment contents. Phil is also accountable for putting away inventory in pallet racks and bins, as well as rectifying damages and shortages with the shipper. When he isn't receiving, he is packaging, picking, shipping, or helping with other daily tasks.

  • Yesenia Warehouse Associate

    Yesenia has a natural ability for recognizing and eliminating waste throughout the workplace. With an attitude for continuous improvement, she strives to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality. She assists in implementing lean procedures to improve the overall productivity of the warehouse. With much experience in warehouse production, Yesenia has been a great asset to the Rok team.

  • Sonia Warehouse Associate

    With many years of experience as a warehouse associate, Sonia has helped increase productivity in our fulfillment warehouse. Our company values hardworking employees and Sonia is the epitome of a top performer. With a strong work ethic and positive attitude, Sonia has been a great addition to our team.

Our Story

While Sean (founder of ROK Hardware) worked in his family’s kitchen cabinet business, he noticed a pattern with all customers; no matter what kind of cabinets they ordered, they all wanted the soft-close feature built in. He took note that most of his customers did not realize that it was actually unnecessary to buy a whole new kitchen just to have soft-closing cabinets. Sean spotted an opportunity in the kitchen cabinet industry and, with his father’s blessing, decided to venture off into a journey of his own..

In 2012, he started SoftClose.com from his one-bedroom apartment. He solely offered the all-metal soft-closing retrofit damper and had much success with this single product. However, that success was seemingly short-lived when he was given the news that the damper had been discontinued. Sean immediately purchased the rest of the inventory and, in return, sold out of it in record time. The manufacturers were impressed at how a 22-year-old could successfully brand and market a product that they had decided would be discontinued. Sean was able to bring this product back from the dead and the manufacturing processes started up again.

He knew that the only way to take his business to the next level was to offer more affordable home improvement products. As a new small business, persuading large companies to sell directly to him took some convincing. One thing is for certain, Sean’s abilities and integrity were solid and whomever he dealt with could sense that.

From there, ROK Inc., also known as ROK Hardware, was born, to bring specialty hardware to your doorstep.

Giving back

At ROK Hardware, we believe that the key to our success is giving back. We are blessed that the growth of ROK Hardware has been a rapid journey, and we strive to give back as much as we can.


Listed below are some non-profit organizations that we support, as we try to share our success with those in need. We encourage you to browse their websites to view the work they are doing.


  • “Outstanding service, blazing fast shipping (got my order in 2 days), fraction of the price compared to what my local cabinet company wanted. No complaints.”

    - Terri Friedman

  • “Rok Hardware is Excellent. I won't be shopping elsewhere.”

    –Chad Delmore, Cabinet Wholesaler – Anaheim, CA

  • “Big box stores are always overcharging, so I find myself searching the internet for the best prices. Rok Hardware seems to have exactly what I’ve needed for my last two home improvement projects. As long as they keep selling, I’ll keep buying.”

    - Michael Arlington - Richmond, VA

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