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5 Easy Toy Storage Ideas

Most parents face the same problem when it comes to their kids’ toys, and I’m not talking about stepping on a lego while barefoot (although, yes, that is a big problem). I’m talking about space. There are just too many toys and not enough space. So let’s talk about some toy organization ideas.

If you read the blog last month about how to get started organizing your life, then the first thing you’ll do, if you haven’t already, is get rid of the toys that aren’t being used anymore. If you want to make some extra cash, sell them online or have a garage sale. If it’s not worth the hassle, then drop them off at your local donation center or give them to someone you know who can give them they love they need.

Once you’ve purged your home of all unworthy toys, it’ll be a little easier getting the rest of them organized. But there are countless options regarding how to organize toys. So here are just a few of my favorites.

1. Toy Box

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Of course, there’s the typical toy box. Do I even need to mention it? Well, I did say this was a list of my favorite ideas, and honestly, a toy box is one of them. Just throw all the toys in a box and voila! You’re finished. Even a 2-year-old can do it. So it makes for easy cleanup. I like having a toy box because it’s practical. Toy boxes are easy, functional, and flexible with the room’s design. If the bedroom or playroom has a theme, you can easily find, make, or paint a toy box to coincide with the theme. Or you can use a more simple box that can work in a variety of spaces. I’ve seen vintage-looking toy boxes, others with cartoon characters painted on them, and some that are even “hidden” inside an ottoman or bench. Your options are plenty.

2. Hanging Baskets

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If you’re low on square footage, hanging baskets is a great option—and almost as easy as a toy box. Hanging baskets takes up less floor space and is an inexpensive way to store toys. All you need is a few baskets with handles and the same amount of hooks. Depending on what type of hook you choose to use, you may need a couple of screws as well, but no matter which type you go with, this is a quick, easy, and affordable option. Depending on how easy you want the project to be (your options are “easy” or “really easy”), you can use either decorative hooks that screw into the wall or plastic hooks with a sticky back.

3. Labeled Toy Bins

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Similar to the aforementioned classic toy box, toy bins are also fairly easy, but more organized. Some people prefer not to keep their kids’ toys too organized since they are constantly being moved around and unorganized anyway. But if you can get your kids to keep to a system, then labeling containers and keeping similar toys together is a great option. Any dollar store should have plastic containers you can use. Or go to a container store for some better quality ones. Some prefer the clear plastic containers (so the kids that can’t read yet can see what’s inside). If your child has a big closet, you can even have the organized toy bins in the closet. But really, you can put them anywhere you have space and still make it look good—on a book shelf, against a wall in the playroom, under the bed, etc.

4. Under the Bed

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Under the bed is another great way for storing toys when you just don’t have enough open space. You can use soft shell containers that lay flat when empty so that there’s room for even more. Or you can use hard shell containers if you want something more sturdy. Some people build their own wooden, under-the-bed drawers, but you can avoid the DIY and buy plastic ones with wheels for easy access.

5. Over the Door

over the door toy storage
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Whether it’s baskets hanging on the door or an over-the-door shoe organizer, there are plenty of ways to use door space as a toy space. Actually, the shoe organizer has the perfect sized slots for craft supplies, small stuffed animals, or toy cars.

Organizing Toys
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